Bond Holder Information

Current Bond Holders

Current members who hold a bond with the pool are asked to use their bond in exchange for their final year's membership.

Due to the tight financial situation that the pool operates in we respectfully ask members not to use their bond as payment unless they are know they will not be returning as members the following year.

Bond Holders Owed Money From Previous Years

Prior to 2008 the by-laws provided for a return of a bond only to the extent that the Club had excess operating cash or the bond of a newly joining member to retire the bond of the departing member.

In 2008 with the financial crisis, a significantly greater number of members left the Swim Club than new members joined which pushed the Swim Club to the brink of insolvency. In order to preserve this valuable service to the community, the Swim Club established the bond waiting list.

Despite this the pool remains committed to repaying past members and thanks them for their continued patience in this respect. The best way to repay these debts is for the pool to increase memberships and create an excess of funds over the operating costs. The pool board is resolute to this course of action.

In the interim, the Swim Club is offering former members the option of using the amount owed to them for their bond to pay for an additional year of membership. Also offering exchange of a bond for 40 daily passes to be used by them and their guests anytime over the next five years.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

The pool acknowledges that many previous members have waited far too long for their bonds to be returned and while the current financial position of the pool precludes a cash payment we are happy to offer non-financial compensation in the form of access to the pool facilities in exchange for monies owed.

Please contact the pool for further information on options for exchanging your bond